Thursday, January 28, 2010

The New Era Of My Blog..


I feel like i'm a new blogger..hahahaha...My previous post has been deleted..By who.??
Ofcoz by me...hehehe..It is b'coz i would like to start over and would like to post different way..My previous post is just a download link for old and new movie but now i will never post any download link..But that doesn't mean i stop posting download link. I have a new website ,so anyone who want to download latest movie can visit my site and then click on movies page..

So, pretend this is my first post in my blogs i would like to welcome myself and all my fellow blogger friend's to join me in my new era of BLOG'geng...You are all welcome to visit my blog anytime, anywhere, everywhere and whatever where in this world..hahaha.. Whatlah aku merepek meraban ni..Apa-apa pun enjoyyyy...Thankss..

**p/s::Sometimes i will mix english and malay..

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